By on August 16, 2018
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IMR: Could you talk about the Core strengths of 3F Advanced Systems (3FAS) in Aerospace Sector?
AG: 3F Advanced Systems in the Defence and Aerospace vertical of the 3F Group. The Group has over 60 years of rich industrial experience in manufacturing and engineering and chemical processing. We aim to focus on composite manufacture and system integration, though global technology partnerships to provide our defence and homeland security forces with credible solutions in Detection and Protection systems.

IMR: What Technology and product you are offering to Indian Defence Industry?
AG: We aim to initiate our venture into the A&D sector by transfer of technology in the field of Unmanned Aerial Systems, armour protection and optical systems. To support our efforts, we have already signed an agreement with UMS Skeldar for Skeldar V200 UAS. We have also considered long term partnerships with Israeli companies for exclusive detection and protection solutions.

IMR: Could you talk about your Joint Venture with UMS SKELDAR and the UAVs which you are planning to manufacture in India ?
AG: UMS Skeldor is a joing venture between SAAB AB, which has been the main supplier for aircraft and defence systems to the Swedish armed forces and other countries for more than 75 years and the UMS Aero AG, a Swiss investor company with strategy to invest and develop medium sized high-tech UAS. We are currently in talks with UMS for Skeldar V200 Rotary wing UAS. Considering an upward trend of the Defence and Homeland security forces, across the world, to graduate to UAS, we are sure to expand the scope of our engagement to Fixed wing UAS available in the inventory of UMS.

IMR: How India is going to benefit technically and financially through this partnership ?
AG: 3FAS is committed to bring advanced technology in A&D sector to the Indian. It is our endeavor to customize this technology to meet the varied requirements of our forces. We are confident of building a credible supply chain in India to support our efforts. In addition to the technological value gain by manufacturing Skeldor V200 in India, we estimate considerable developmental and production cost cuts.

IMR: What do you feel about India’s Defence market potential?
AG: The operational flexibility, adaptability and low logistical foot print has given Skeldar V200 niche applications for the defence, homeland security and civil sectors. With an aim to showcase the product capabilities in India, Skeldar V-200 will form a part of the Flight Display during the Aero India 2017. It is early to comment on the envisaged numbers but we are confident that the unique technology offered, with first of its kind, comprehensive leasing proposal is sure to generate lot of interest in India.

IMR: What’s your take on ‘Make in India’ initiative and your expansion plans?
AG : ‘Make in India’ has given a fresh commitment to Private sector companies in India to invest in the ‘Defence & Aerospace’ industry. We seek to leverage from the proven technology that is being shared with us, we aim to do considerable value addition to this technology to customize the equipment for our forces and bring down the cost considerably. The group considers that with other private players in the UAS segment and considering our future demands, India will definitely become one of the prime manufacturers and exporters of UAS for the global market.

IMR: Could you talk about plans for export?
AG: We vision to graduate from ‘reverse engineering to research engineering’. In this journey, we aim to manufacture a customized technology in for the Indian forces and progressively expand our footprint to the global customers. An arrangement of this sort would allow our partners to concentrate on developing futuristic technologies whilst 3FAS focus their efforts on production and integration.

IMR: What products and technologies you are exhibiti2017? Aero India 2017 ?
AG: To demonstrate our resolve in A&D sector, 3FAS is the first Indian private sector company to fly an aircraft in Aero India. In addition to Skeldor V200 UAS we will present credible optical and armour protection solutions for future combat soldiers. Aero India will provide 3FAS and its global partners a platform to interact and understand the requirements of the end users to develop and customize our products further.