Nitrogram‘Nitrogram’ is a unique hand-held explosive detector device, customized for the Indian market.
It can determine the residual quantities (vapors) of nitro-explosives in the air and on the surface of objects during the inspection of passengers and luggage. It can detect even molecular quantities of explosives. In current IMS based systems, all explosive figure prints and samples are first entered into the system, and needs constant upgradation. On the other hand, the technology of Nitrogram is based on Photoluminescence and nanostructured composite polymers, that detects without sampling and without a radiation source. This reduces detection time to 1-2 seconds and removes the need for repeated upgradation.

  • Uses Nanotechnology rather than IMS technology There is no need for fingerprinting i.e. it will detect all explosive materials and not only the materials that are fed into the system
  • Computerized program modifications and customizations can be carried out by specified users themselves
  • Modular configuration making it easily portable
  • Made in India, making it cost effective
  • No consumables no need for swiping swabs
  • 8 Hour Battery Life
  • Customs and Border control services
  • To protect defense objects
  • Security in mass events like big concerts or games in stadiums
  • Transport securities
  • Law Enforcement
  • Preventing use of explosives in case of terrorist attacks
  • Preparation time – less than one minute
  • Easy to use and ergonomic
  • Custom made modification
  • Photoluminescence of nanostructured polymers composite
  • no radiation necessary
  • Battery used – Li-ion
  • Operational weight – less than 2 kg
  • Dimensions – 387*230*140 mm
  • Detection Limit is not less than 10-15 g/cm cube for TNT
  • The display mode is color touchscreen along with alarm audio and visual
  • Operation temperature is -20 to 60 degree Celsius
  • Battery time – 4 hours per battery