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    Over 5 decades of innovation and manufacturing expertise
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    Top of the line global technology partners
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    Over 100 man-years of experience in Business turnarounds, strategy, finance, aerospace industries and service in Indian armed forces
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    Program management, not project management.

Why Us

3F Advanced Systems is an agile innovator and leading provider of detection and protection systems for military, homeland security and commercial customers. We have collaborated with the think tanks in the fields of VTOL RPAs, ballistic material and advanced security solutions. We are committed to the relentless research and development of high-performance solutions, seeking innovative, low-cost design and manufacturing strategies, and delivering operational readiness for our customers. This enables the commanders in the scene of action to make better decisions through safer, faster and more professional solutions.

Our vision is to graduate from Reverse engineering to Research engineering by redefining every product for the Indian customer

We offer the following: –

  • The best of world class futuristic A&D technology specifically customized to the Indian context
  • Focus on efficiency enhancing and cost reducing drivers
  • All-round applications in Defence, Homeland security and Civil Applications
  • Customized, top of the line products and systems focussing on Detection, Protection and Unmanned Vehicles,

We have undertaken several technology partnerships with leading global Aerospace and Defence companies under the Buy and Make in India arrangement.

Timeline of events

  • May 2016 3F Advanced System
    3F Advanced Systems Pvt Ltd. Incorporated
  • June 2016 3F Advanced System
    Proposal to work with LAT Israel for Manufacturing advanced composite based armour protection system for personal, vehicle and aircraft armour.
  • Oct 2016 3F Advanced System
    Signed JV with UMS-Skeldar for partnership under Make in India for Skeldar V-200
  • Feb 2017 3F Advanced System
    Participated in Aero India – 1st time a private company has showcased a UAV in any aero show ever in India
  • Oct 2017 3F Advanced System
    Partnered with Telemetry Systems, Russia for the design and development of explosive vehicle detector for the Indian market.
  • Feb 2018 3F Advanced System
    Signed partnership agreement Scanika for the marketing and joint production of X Ray based full body scanner in India
  • Apr 2018 3F Advanced System
    Became the sole authorized distributor for West Minster International Ltd., UK for marketing of Prison security equipment in India.
  • June 2018 3F Advanced System
    completed the creation of ‘Nitrogram’- advanced explosive detector that was modified and customized for the Indian market; using the core technology of Nitroscan, but converting it from analog, manual calibration technology to digital, auto-calibration technology, to suit the needs of the Indian market.
  • June 2018 3F Advanced System
    Tied up with Magnetar of Russia for production and distribution of multi rotor drone (Quadcopter) in India
  • August 2018 3F Advanced System
    Tied up with Midhani, India for combining Russian carrier and soft armour technology with Israeli hard armour protection systems.


  • 2011-12Rs. 1,64,415 crore
  • 2012-13Rs. 1,78,503 crore
  • 2013-14Rs. 2,03,672 crore
  • 2014-15Rs. 2,29,000 crore
  • 2015-16Rs. 2,46,727 crore
  • 2016-17Rs. 3,40,921.98 crore
  • 2017-18Rs. 3,59,854 crore
  • 2018-19Rs. 4,04,365 crore

Source: www.wikipedia.com, www.timesofindia.indiatimes.com

Indicative trends suggest a curious curve in the last decade – while there are years when ‘actual’ capital expenditure has met targets, there are bouts of ‘unspent syndrome’ such as one to the tune of almost 40% of the capital expenditure for defence budget unspent in FY15-16.

Military Outlook (India)
  • Make in India & DPP campaign has been the game changer, dealing with several issues plaguing the Indian market
  • Over 75% of Defence equipment are imported.
  • Only about 20 – 30% of the yearly defence budget has been spent in the last 10 years. This is changing with the new Gov.
  • No favor for the private industry especially for MSMEs.
  • Over 50-75 companies have run into bankruptcy in the last few years

Civil Aviation Outlook (India)
  • The country is well on its way to become the third largest aviation market by 2020.
  • By 2020, passenger traffic at Indian airports is expected to increase to 421 million from 190mil
  • Airport infrastructure investment of US $ 11.4 billion under the Twelfth Five Year Plan (2012-17) 250 airports to be under operation by 2020.

Size of the opportunity 7.9 lakh cr India is expected to spend until 2020 to replace outdated defense equipment and to expand its military.

Nearly 65% of Indian military’s requirement is imported; the rest comprises run-of-the-mill products.

  • Lack of 3rd generation anti-tank guided missiles
  • Infantry soldiers lack modern/advanced assault rifles, close quarter battle carbines, light machine guns, sniper rifles, modular bullet proof jackets and light weighted ballistic helmets.
  • Products that are indigenously designed, developed and manufactured ( IDDM) need a minimum of 40% indigenous content, of cost basis of the total contract value.
  • Products that are not designed and developed in India need a minimum of 60% indigenous content.

Armed forces require over 1000 helicopters of different types in next 10-15 years. Most to be manufactures indigenously, with foreign collaboration, in tune with ‘Make in India’ policy. Will cost well over 1lakh crore.


Half of the firms supplying over 4000 items to the CSD don’t have established credentials in the consumer market. India remains world’s largest arms importer. Saddled with poor defense-industrial base, imports 65% of its military hardware and software. Indian army imports almost 3 times as high as 2nd and 3rd largest arms importers, China and Pakistan

Way forward

  • More weapons acquisitions are necessary, given the imbalanced nature of Indian arsenal heavily tilted toward obsolescence and shortage.
  • Given the manpower intensive nature of Indian armed forces and contemporary & futuristic security needs, a balanced approach to resources allocations for national defence must be considered. Our offering focuses on these 2 points.



  • Startup recognized by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.
  • Ministry of MSME Udyog Aadhar
  • Complies with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System