‘Scanika’ is a non-contact X-ray security system designed to detect any harmful or unwanted material. It scans packages as well as bodies. Scanika has a fast 5-second inspection time, making it convenient for physically disabled or elderly people. Its closed scanner cabin provides for scattered radiations shielding.

Scanika is designed in a way that almost has zero distortion and there is no compromise on quality of images even if there are movements during scanning. Its sensitive digital X-Ray sensor and image processing software produces high-resolution images.  Scanika further allows for full scan image of the body including the feet.

  • 3F Advanced SystemClosed cabin minimizes exposure to radiation for by standers
  • 3F Advanced SystemSoftware based adaptability can be programmed to highlight specific materials and avoid highlighting specific materials
  • 3F Advanced SystemCompetitive costs
  • 3F Advanced SystemHead to toe scanning, along with baggage scan no need to have separate scanners for body and baggage; no need to take off shoes etc.
  • 3F Advanced SystemScattered radiation shieding provided by the close scanner cabin.
  • Convenient for elderly and disabled people due to rapid 5 second inspection.
  • No need to take off clothes or shoes.
  • Portable
  • No technical knowledge required for an operator
  • Customized displayed information
  • Customized photo and video while inspection
  • Customized data archive and search
  • Customized voice communication during inspection

Scanning Principles:

3F Advanced System

  • Almost no geometric distortion
  • No impact of natural movements during scanning on the image quality
  • Advanced functions for baggage multi-view screening without opening (Multi-Angle Introscope function)
  • Full body scan image (including feet)
  • High-resolution imaging due to highly sensitive digital X-ray sensor and specaial digital image processing software.
  • Safety of SibScan-M1 X-ray control system is confirmed by all necessary permits and approval documents. The system operation rules comply with2.6.1.3106-13 Sanitary Regulations and Norms (SanPiN)

Radiation Dose Comparison:

1 Inspection

1 Inspection = 1 hour natural radiation background

50 Inspections

50 Inspections = 2.5 hour flight

400 Inspections

400 Inspections = 1 chest X-ray
  • Used in airports, subways, railway and coach stations.
  • Border and custom control booths
  • Security Systems like Federal Penitentiary Service Systems (FPS) in Russia.
  • Entry controlling booths in places of strategic facilities
  • For mining and refining of precious and rare metals or stones
  • Banks, Embassies, VIP protection, Security of Government or public officials.
  • Mass gatherings such as a big sporting event or a concert
  • No-contact scanner
  • Scan in 5 seconds
  • Real time Image acquisition and processing
  • Throughput- 3p per min
  • height- Max 2000 mm
  • width- Max 800mm
  • Radiation Dose per scan- 0.20 to 2 µSv
  • Image Size Pixel- 1 sq. mm
  • Contrast Ratio –Not more than 1.5%
  • Dynamic Range- 450(min)
  • Total Filtration- Minimum of 2.5mm for Aluminum
  • Systems dimension – 2645 mm x 1400mm x 2650 mm
  • Weight – 1200 kg
  • Power supply required – 210-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumed – 3.5kW