SKELDAR V-200. India's first rotary unmanned UAV

V-200 is the first rotary winged medium-range UAV that can be operated from a tailored control station.
Equipped with multiple capabilities including surveillance and 3D mapping, the aircraft provides an edge in any environment – day or night.


  • Multiple capabilities in land, civil security and maritime sectors
  • Multiple Payload Capacity
  • Easy Deployment – No Airfield needed
  • Fully automated Vertical Take-off and Landing
  • Maritime Ready
  • Heavy Fuel Engine
  • Point-and-Fly and Point-and-See principle
  • Tethering Mode supporting moving UCS
  • Single or dual operator setup
  • Redundant flight safety critical components
  • Open interface to BMS and C4ISR system
  • STANAG 4586 compliant

Best of the Best
Skeldar is a Joint Venture between UMS Aero of Switzerland and SAAB of Sweden. The combination of UMS Aero and Saab's leading edge capabilities deliver advanced solutions to meet complex challenges.

First of its kind in India
3F Advanced Systems, India, has recently partnered with Skeldar, in a first of its kind rotary wing 3F UAV partnership in the subcontinent, as part of the 'Make in India' technological development/transfer programme.

Real-time information
The system can hover for hours while providing real-time information to a control station or to a remote video terminal.

Eye in the Sky. Eye in the Sea. Anytime. Anywhere.
Launched from historically difficult locations such as the deck of a ship, a travelling convoy or other small stationery areas, Skeldar V-200 is designed to provide real time intelligence and surveillance as a force multiplier for land, civil security and maritime applications.

Skeldar V-200 enhances force capabilities by improving situational awareness. The platform combines short deployment and turnaround time with mobility and a modular design. This allows fast and efficient preparation, transportation and delivery of the system.

Unmatched technology, making it more than an aircraft.
The compact solution is fully autonomous, controlled by high-level-commands such as “Point and Fly” and “Point and Look”.

With its agile and readily deployable flight performance compared to other compact fixed-wing UAV systems, Skeldar V-200 gets closer to the action, keeping one step ahead.


Fully autonomous Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) and hover capabilities provide the operator with enhanced usability and maximum time in the air.

Ease of Operation

Fully integrated into existing systems, Skeldar V-200 ground control station features an intuitive man-machine interface and requires minimal operator input. The system incorporates fly-home and safe landing modes.

Cost Efficiency

Developed with a low lifecycle cost in mind, the modular design enables system customisation and functional development, with air maintenance carried out at unit level. Compartments can be easily accessed for service, maintenance and payload reconfiguration.