By on September 27, 2018

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To combat the prevailing security concerns, it is essential to introduce effective and economical detection equipment for both Defence and Civil customers in India. With an aim to bring Hand Held Explosive Detector solutions into reach of every civil and military security agency, 3F Advanced Systems, along with Telemetry Systems of Russia, has introduced Nitrogram in India.

The Indian market is not new to the Explosive detector technology, but the currently available solutions are two decades old. In spite of a huge Indian market, Indian companies have not considered upgrading to modern trends prevalent in the world in addition, efforts have not been made towards customization of this equipment for the Indian market.

Nitrogram can determine the residual quantities (vapors) of nitro-explosives in the air and on the surface of objects during the inspection of passengers and luggage. It can detect even molecular quantities of explosives. In current IMS based systems, all explosive figure prints and samples are first entered into the system, and needs constant upgradation. On the other hand, the technology of Nitrogram is based on Photoluminescence and nanostructured composite polymers, that detects without sampling and without a radiation source. This reduces detection time to 1-2 seconds and removes the need for repeated upgradation.

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