IMS Handheld Trace and Vapours Detector for Explosives and Narcotics

i-SCAN is a handheld sensor that Employs Ion Mobility Spectrometry to detect explosives, drugs and toxic substances,
in the air around controlled objects, on the surface of different objects or on fingers and clothes.


  • Vehicle, cargo, luggage and people inspection at customs control, airport security, border control and military checkpoint
  • Suspects inspection by law- enforcement officials
  • Expert criminology laboratories of different departments
  • Analytical laboratories of industrial enterprises
  • Scientific research organizations


  • Hand Held
  • Small, light weight
  • Non Radioactive Ioniozation source
  • Ultra High Sensitivity - Detects trace particles and vapour; Low false negative results
  • Battery Operated
  • Scan time – 5 seconds
  • Automated Process
  • No high-priced expendable materials required
  • Expandable threat library - Open database of substances with customer updating and expansion possibility
  • Wide range of detected chemical agents including home-made peroxide explosives


  • Employs Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS)
  • ISCAN Detector operating software analyzes the peaks of received range of inspected substances, using mathematical expectation (assembly average) and time dispersion, corresponding to peaks with target substances taken from the systems’ library.
  • Combined sampling apparatus allowing both sampling of air containing vapors and suspended particulate matter and sampling of particles collected on a special sampling wipe.

Basic Features

   Technology Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS)
   Sample collection Trace particle and vapor
   Overall dimensions of the detector, mm 110x162x410
   Weight, kg 3
   Measurement range of normalised (reduced) mobility of analyzed ions, сm2V-1s-1 0.5 – 3.0
   Detection range of low-volatile organic substances based on 2,4,6 trinitrotoluene (ТNТ), g 1.0·10-11 – 2.0·10-7
   Threshold for detecting low-volatile organic substances based on 2,4,6 trinitrotoluene (ТNТ)  
- particulate matter, g 1.0·10-11
- based on vapours, g/сm3 1.0·10-14
   Time for operating mode start-up, min 15
   Measurement time, s < 5
   Time of changing the type of analyzed ions (negative or positive), min < 1 – 2
   Possibility of false response, % 1
   Time of continuous autonomy work with regular block of accumulation batteries, hour 2
   Time of detector cleaning under regular operating conditions, min 3